UCG extends Flexitrend Board Repairs and Parts Sales Through 2016

Columbus, OH – UCG is excited to announce that in an effort to help you prolong the life of your Flexitrend System we have extended our service of FT-50 and FT-100 boards, as well as, the sale of parts on hand, until the close of this year.  For your reference, The Rolls-Royce Bulletin regarding the obsolescence of the FT product line can viewed by choosing “Company” from the dropdown menu on our home page then selecting “Certificates & Bulletins”.

As you are aware, UCG specializes in customized control panels, drop-in replacements (Ft-100) and sub-plate solutions.  Our Controls Engineers are available for site-surveys and can develop a budgetary quote as the first step to your planning process.

UCG would like to offer you our expert guidance in developing your company plan and migration to new equipment.  Please feel free to contact us at (740) 326-1007 for questions, orders, or Engineering availability.