Inside glance of a control panel with redundant Allen-Bradley processors

Machinery that is well maintained will operate for decades. However, the control systems become obsolete and spare parts availability becomes problematic. This is common as the controls industry has progressed well beyond electro-mechanical relay controls and early versions of proprietary PLCs. Today’s commercially available PLCs offer faster processing, more operational flexibility, higher reliability, and worldwide distribution at affordable prices.  Often system upgrades are necessitated by product obsolescence.

Recip engine / compressor with local control panel

Unit Control Systems

UNIT CONTROL SYSTEMS encompass a variety of control functions for the safe operation of machinery.  Our team of engineers has extensive knowledge of the control functions of stationary prime movers, the driven equipment and the associated ancillary systems. Utilizing the operational parameters established by the OEM, we retrofit obsolete control systems using state of the art, commercially available PLCs.  The Unit Control Panel (UCP) is designed for the specific environment in which it will be located.

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Three bay gas turbine compression package control system

Station Control System

STATION CONTROL SYSTEM or sometimes called MASTER CONTROL PANEL is typically located in a control house environment where a station operator(s) can overview the operation of a plant or group of machines.  For example, as it may relate to a group of engine driven compressors, the Station Control Panel (SCP) communicates with the Local Unit Control Panel. The UCP would contain the PLC and send information back to the SCP via Ethernet communication or other system.

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A stand-alone fire & gas safety system panel for gas turbine enclosure will be located in a control room

Saftey Control Systems

SAFETY CONTROL SYSTEMS The Oil & Gas industry has one of the highest safety requirements of modern industry. Among the most widely specified Fire &Gas monitoring and detection systems is the Det-Tronic brand.   United Controls Group has engineers certified by Det-Tronic in the application of fire and gas safety monitoring, hardware integration, software development, and detection instrumentation.

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