It is often said a company is as good as its people. We believe that to be true and we believe our team is of the highest quality technically and equal in work ethic. Beyond the experience, beyond the successes, even beyond the recognition is a deep passion in all of us to serve our clients the way we would want to be served. From the first call we receive to the equipment start up, we want our commitment to excellence to be evident.


UCG has the experience and resources to deliver your system on time and within budget. UCG personnel includes many years of combined engineering experience.  We maintain close relationships with multiple panel shops and installation contractors to ensure that your system is built and installed cost effectively and to the highest quality standards.

The UCG engineering staff has been assembled from a variety of industries.  Bringing together the “best of the best”, the UCG engineers have experience in:

  • Reciprocating engine and gas turbine control
  • Oil and gas production and transportation
  • Utility and industrial power generation
  • Critical control and safety engineering

UCG engineers have successfully delivered high reliability and critical controls projects for major industrial suppliers. The UCG team has the experience and the expertise to design, program, and install your control system on time and within budget.