Our History

Founded in 2006, United Controls Group (UCG) specializes in high reliability control systems for gas turbines and reciprocating engines.  UCG was founded by two controls engineers with over 20 years of controls experience working for a major machinery manufacturer serving the international oil & gas industry. Their specialties were control systems for gas engines, gas turbines, compressors and their associated packaged systems. After over two decades of OEM experience the duo ventured out to fill a need in the market. With intimate knowledge of Allen-Bradley PLCs and En-Tronic Control systems they set out to establish themselves as a reputable supplier of retrofit control systems for aging products in operation. Their knowledge, values and work ethics gain them the respect of the OEMs that once employed them. Soon after its formation, both Cameron and Rolls-Royce saw UCG as a highly talented supply resource.  UCG has completed many project with both companies over the years.

Today, the company has steadily grown and serves a broad spectrum of clients in six continents. UCG is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies, Inc.


Meet some of the people who each have many years of engineering experience. Go here to learn more.


Learn more about the philosophy our experienced people work within. Values we’ve nurtured from the founding partners and carry on to this day.


Nearly 25,000 combined square feet of testing, support, production, and serving our clients with a relentless passion. Go here and see for yourself.


At UCG, we’ve become accustomed to making history. Find out where UCG has been in the news; past and present.

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