Columbus, Ohio Engineering & Test Office
Columbus, Ohio engineering, sales and business office lobby
Columbus, Ohio lobby

UCG’s 20,000 square foot engineering & testing complex is located in Columbus, Ohio.  This location includes engineering, sales, administrative offices and our 8,000 square foot system test floor.

The test area is equipped with eight simulator stations.  Each station includes hardwired point-to-point simulation equipment to fully simulate equipment and processes to be controlled in the field.  UCG provides manual and dynamic simulation, 3-phase AC power simulation, fuel control simulation, vibration simulation, and a variety of communication emulation tools.  Our facilities and equipment enable UCG to provide complete system simulation capabilities for demanding applications in engine controls, compressor controls, generator controls, and critical safety systems.

UCG’s offices are complete with guest offices to accommodate clients who may be participating in factory acceptance tests (FATs) or panel inspections.  Guest offices are complete with telephones, internet access, and document review workspace.  UCG guest offices offer a quiet, confidential work area that is suitable for reviewing documents, conducting teleconferences, and conducting meetings while away from the home office.

In addition to our engineering and testing capabilities, UCG’s facilities include video conference capabilities, multiple conference areas, and an extensive IT system.  We welcome clients and interested parties to tour our facilities, and witness our capability to engineer, test, deliver, and support critical control system applications.