First stage compressor cylinder
Engine-compressor control panel

In 1934, the Kuwait Oil Company Ltd. (KOC) was established by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now known as the British Petroleum Company and Chevron Corporation.  The Company activities had extended to include exploration operations, on-shore and off-shore surveys, drilling of test wells, and developing of producing fields in addition to crude and natural gas exploration.  Kuwait Oil Company was nationalized in 1975 by the Kuwait Government.  The government created the Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) in 1980 to bring all state owned oil companies under one entity.
KOC’s responsibilities under the KPC’s umbrella are the exploration, drilling, and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait.  Kuwait Oil Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export.

The Gulf War of 1990 devastated KOC, however within months after liberation in February of 1991, production gradually returned to full capacity.
KOC manages the production and export of oil and gas with the associated facilities from more than twelve developed oil fields in the state of Kuwait.  Included in KOC’s territory are the Gathering Center (GC) oil production facilities with various functions, including gas compression.

Providing the compression services near the Burgan Oil Field in eastern Kuwait, are two Cooper GMWA engines, originally installed in the late 1950s. The two cycle gas engines are of the integral type with the ability to have four compressor cylinders mounted integrally to the engine block driven via connecting rods articulated off the main crankshaft.  Even though the Cooper engines are dated, they are robust and if maintained, are capable of providing reliable service, even in a harsh desert environment.  The original control systems used pneumatic technology and were in various conditions of disrepair.  Early in the 1990’s the controls were upgraded to the then current En-Tronic Controls FT-50 solution for engine / compressor controls.   With the obsolescence of the FT-50, the United Controls Group received the contract to retrofit the FT-50 systems with a state of the art Allen-Bradley solution.

UCG chose the A-B ControlLogix 5000 processor with industrial grade PC operating a Wonderware HMI / operator interface. The new control panels have a purge pressurization system and are ATEX certified for operation in a Zone 1 hazardous environment.  The control system provides a full complement of engine and compressor controls for automatic or manual start up, loading and safe shutdown.  The Units are operated purely in manual control mode from front of panel, with remote data display possible with data provided on a Modbus connection to the plant DCS system.