Modular sub-assembly

The Bayu-Undan field was discovered in Timor Sea 500 Km northwest of Darwin, Australia in 1995. ConocoPhilips holds a significant acreage position in the Timor Sea Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) between Timor-Leste and Australia. ConocoPhilips, with a majority share in the condensate field, is also the operator. The B$ 3.3 development project was executed in two phases.
Phase I included a natural gas recycle project, in which condensate and natural gas liquids were separated and removed for sale, and dry natural gas was reinjected back into the reservoir until phase II (Darwin LNG) was ready to receive the hydrocarbons. Production from the first phase began in February 2004.
Phase II of the development involved the installation of a natural gas pipeline from the field to Darwin, Australia, and construction of an LNG facility located at Wickham Point, Darwin. The Darwin LNG plant converts gas from the Bayu-Undan field into LNG for sale to Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas in Japan . The first shipment of LNG was loaded in early 2006 and the plant was officially commissioned in June 2006.

The formidable development project includes two separate platforms, one for drilling, one for compression services and an FSO. Production is of paramount importance; with a key element being the reinjection compression trains on the CUQ platform. This service is handled by three Roll-Royce RB211 DLE gas turbines driving high pressure Dresser compressors.

In order to ensure continued safe operation, routine maintenance of equipment is scheduled to coordinate with the planned shutdown of specific services. The  significant task of upgrading the gas turbine controls was awarded to United Controls Group. The task entailed upgrading the existing En-Tronic® FT-110 System to a new Rolls-Royce FT-125 System consisting of an Allen-Bradley ControLogix based modular solution.

The project specification required minimal work to take place offshore with minimal physical disruption of the existing control panel. With the goal of keeping the existing enclosure and to reuse existing field wiring, the task was to design a modular solution which would be remounted into existing footprint, reusing all of the existing cabling.  This endeavor was a first of a kind control package configuration.  A modular assembly was designed to the exact dimension of the FT-110 rack. The Allen-Bradley hardware and I/O was carefully packaged which replaced existing hardware in the enclosure. The I/O was designed into three separate modules (subassemblies) to be mounted in the existing footprint of the FT-110 system. The face of the modular enclosure had rows of terminal connectors to accept the existing FT-110 cables previously connected to the now outdated FT110 boards. UCG supplied new panel door with new FT-210 HMI and keyboard tray. The scope also included a new DeviceNet driver for the fuel valve interface.

To ease installation, each FT-125 modular solution is supplied with a lifting device to facilitate the installation of the 75 pound module into the existing control panel.

ConocoPhilips and Rolls-Royce service personnel performed the upgrade ahead of schedule with the startup being flawless.