Beyond your Flexitrend System: Control System Upgrade

Columbus, OH – We recognize that the Flexitrend FT-50 and FT-100 systems are nearing the end of their life cycle, and you may be looking to the future for an alternative. UCG can be your first point of contact for planning a replacement controls system.

While working closely with you to define your current and future needs, UCG can provide a tailor made solution using an Allen-Bradley PLC, or another manufacturer of your choice, for a complete control system upgrade.   Specifically for the FT-100, UCG has developed a drop-in replacement which will minimize installation time and reduce required field wiring re-work, resulting in cost savings to your company.  Additionally, UCG offers sub-plate solutions and full panel solutions.

Whatever your needs, United Controls Group has the experience and expertise to be your control system resource. We would be happy to discuss your needs, and provide a proposal for your next system.  If you would like to begin planning, please reach out to us at , and one of our qualified UCG representatives will contact you right away.